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A CCTV system

It is highly situational, and does have some crime prevention capacity in the right situations.

Check for details


A CCTV system

It is highly situational, and does have some crime prevention capacity in the right situations.

Check for details

Solar & Inverter

Power supply system

Solar & Inverter power supply system

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A CCTV system is an example of situational crime prevention mechanism link text

Sweetwater Technologies International

Generally, CCTV is a surveillance technology which involves connecting a number of cameras..

Sweetwater Civil works & Construction

Sweetwater Technologies International Limited is engaged in Engineering and Technology Services..

Sweetwater Store

Sweetwater Technologies International Limited has in stock variety of Products, Gadgets and Equipment

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Sweetwater Technologies International Limited undertakes professional services in the fields of engineering, Surveillance security technology, procurement of engineering equipments and total project support..

Payment Method

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