Enjoy 8-10hrs and above uninterrupted Power Backup without Generator Diesel/Fuel Consumption. All backup time depending on your Loads and Power management input.


The 900VA/12v Inverter will meet most home and office power needs, excluding the heavy capacity equipment like air conditioners. Home appliances like Plasma/other TV, fans, lighting, fridge, computers, decoder and other home equipment can be powered by the 900VA/12v inverter. 

If not sure that it's the 900VA/12v inverter you need, our engineer will guide you to determine the right capacity for your load.
The 900VA /12v Inverter offers advanced technology to ensure reliable performance and durability. Here are its features:
900VA /12v inverter delivers fast Change-over time - your equipment will remain on.

  • It's built with surface-mounted technology for reliable and compact design
  • Enjoy faster Charging to get your inverter changed in quick time.
  • Offers battery protection for longer battery life.
  • Intelligent thermal management.
  • Circuit breaker to protect your appliances on high loads.
  • Advanced Energy Flow Management for lowest electricity consumption.
  • Reduced Component-Stress for more reliability & longer service life.
  • Harmonics Compensated Wave shape for higher appliance life. 

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