Quality Policy

Sweetwater Solutions is engaged in Engineering and Technology Services and shall aim to be among the best in its class by always exceeding expectations of customers and other stake holders.

Our commitment to this policy shall be demonstrated by:

  • Maintaining the highest quality standard in our endeavours
  • Ensuring proper training, development and motivation of our staff.
  • Maintaining zero tolerance for accidents in all our operation at all times

The provision of the policy shall be reviewed every three (3) years in order to continually improve on the quality management system in consonance with the most recent ISO requirements.

 HSE Policy

Sweetwater Solutions strives to be a leader in Health, Safety and Environmental protection. We believe that HSE is an important and integral part of profitable business management. It is part of our plan to continuously improve on our HSE performance.

Health & Safety

Sweetwater Solutions will:

  • Create a conducive working environment with focus on zero tolerance for accidents.
  • Ensure that there are no health hazards arising from our operations which employees or the general public may be exposed to.
  • Train employees on safety practices.
  • Encourage employees to adopt a healthy life style through continuous safety awareness campaigns.
  • Establish safety audit as continuous machinery for identifying and eliminating hazards and unsafe practices at work.

 Environmental Protection

Sweetwater Solutions will:

  • Evolve a comprehensive waste disposal plan to prevent adverse effect of waste on the environment.
  • Carry out all statutory environmental studies prior to commencement of projects in any location
  • Ensure new facilities and plants will incorporate the most efficient pollution control techniques.

 Community Relations

Sweetwater Solutions will:

  • Communicate openly with those who live or work within the vicinity of our operations to ensure our understanding of their concern.